eGovernment Working Group for Environmental Information (eGov WG)

"Information is the currency of democracy" (Thomas Jefferson)


Timely and innovative environmental information is the basis for raising environmental awareness, for active involvement of citizens in environmental measures and thus an element of political democracy.


In order to promote systematic and full availability and distribution of environmental information via Internet portals of government authorities, an eGovernment working group was set up within the Plattform Digitales Österreich.


The aim of this working group for environmental information Projektgruppe Umweltinformation (PG UI) is to develop a joint procedure for implementing the federal law on access to environmental information [Environmental Information Act 2004] (Umweltinformationsgesetz UIG 2004) and the European Directive on Free Access to Environmental Information (2003/4/EC) [Umweltinformations-Richtlinie (2003/4/EC)] by involving all administrative levels (federal government-provinces-towns and cities-municipalities). On the basis of these legal documents every citizen is granted the right of easy and full access to environmental information provided by all public authorities.


In addition to their obligation to provide passive information, the public authorities are obliged to fully and actively inform the public on any data available. These active information obligations shall be complied in particular by means of computer Telecommunication (Internet).


The main task of the working group for environmental information is thus to ensure that in future, environmental information will be made publicly available and distributed by all public authorities according to the recitals and Article 7 of the Environmental Directive.


With the representatives of all administrative levels developing common standards and information systems in the working group for environmental information, an important step has been made towards a coordinated, harmonised and synergetically usable presentation of data and information on all environmental issues.


This shall provide an important contribution for greater transparency and bringing environmental administration closer to the citizens of Austria.


The leader of the working group for environmental information is the centre for coordination of environmental information at Umweltbundesamt.


Koordinierungsstelle für Umweltinformationen (KUI)

(Coordination Centre for Environmental Information)


According to section 10 of the Environmental Information Act, the centre for coordination of environmental information (KUI) was established at Umweltbundesamt in 2005. The task of the KUI is to support information exchange between the public authorities and to propose suitable measures in order to facilitate access to, and ensure the high quality of, environmental information. Environmental information shall be understandable, exact, comparable and as up-to-date as possible so that environmental awareness and protection can thus be improved and advanced in general.


KUI provides detailed information on the Environmental Information Act 2004 on the E-Government server


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